Our team

We are a dedicated mix of games, business and on-line professionals with a passion to make great games.

Jari Pauna

CEO, Co-Founder

Part of Top Gear family for 5 years. Games, media and publishing professional with 20 years experience in various positions in the entertainment business.

Timo Poijärvi

VP Buz Dev, Co-Founder

Experienced technology and entertainment executive with 20 years in global tech, media and entertainment businesses. Co-founder of hitlantis.com.

Kaisa Salakka

MOB. Director, product management at Unity Technologies

10+ years in predictive analytics, software services, ad tech, f2p mobile gaming, mobile apps and telecom.

Petteri Huttunen

Games Design, Graphics

In games since 1993, mobile, console and PC platforms. FlatOut- series, Ridge Racer Unbounded, Sega Rally, Red Caps Ice Racing.

Kalle Cederström


Over 8 years of making games and prototypes, +8 years DBA for a global groceries chain, travel companies and Foreign Ministry.

Motorious Entertainment

Making great mobile games for major brands

Motorious Entertainment Oy is a Finnish games developer and publisher, founded in early 2015 by games, media and entertainment veterans Jari Pauna and Timo Poijärvi. The company focuses on creating fun and addictive mobile games for great brands. Motorious has assembled an experienced team with a deep understanding of global brands and stunning background in games development.

Motorious has signed a global licensing deal with BBC Worldwide to produce and distribute a series of Top Gear branded mobile games on all major platforms utilizing strongly the general TopGear lifestyle, thematic, jokes, and epic beloved challenges to match the target group. The first game is titled “Top Gear: Road Trip” and it was released in August 2017.

Contact: recruitment@motorious.fi